At all times all coaches will be very sensitive to safety issues. The main goal of practice will be to give the sailors as much “tiller time” or time-in-the-boat as possible. There will be opportunities to get to know each other as both individuals and sailors and learn how work together.

We will spend time learning how to rig and tune boats, as will offer  lots of boathandling skill-building exercises. That means hours of drills, including:

  • Practicing buoy rounding to simulate mark rounding
  • Practicing regatta starts with countdown to get used to approaching a start line on time and with maximum boat speed
  • Learning about kinetics for increasing boat speed techniques and skills
  • Learning racing tactics and strategies and how to “find the best breeze”
  • “Safety boat” techniques
  • Using powerboats to perform rescue, coach & race official duties.

Lake Washington Sailing Club will provide a coaching staff of experienced sailors and racers from the club.  They will help with rigging, course set-up and other necessary tasks. The coaches’ main focuses are (1) safety,  and (2) assuring maximum on-the-water time.